The powerlessness of conventional medicine; the mortal danger of the “second wave”

prof-dr-maarDr. med. Klaus Maar was formerly an established practitioner of orthodox medicine, surgeon and head of a large university hospital. After many years of almost despairing over the failures of conventional cancer therapy, he took matters into his own hands.

Only one in four cancer patients survives (Source: Eurocare-2 Studie, WHO/ IARC). This alarmingly high mortality rate has stagnated for decades; just like the treatment methods of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine still concentrates largely on eliminating the local tumour. However, 80% of patients do not die of this primary tumour, but rather due to the metastases that occur later on.

These facts and experiences from 15 years of working in large hospitals were what motivated Dr. Klaus Maar to develop a treatment method that he has been using for 20 years.

The goal is to prevent fatal metastases. They begin with undetectable micro-metastases. That is why Dr. Maar leverages his biological intensive therapy to activate the entire spectrum of the body’s natural defences and healing powers in unprecedented width and intensity, taking a proactive approach to the problem of metastasis.

In his book, “Rebel against Cancer” (Rebell gegen den Krebs), he dispels widespread myths about cancer. The book is a very personal, moving guide that provides cancer patients with new options and perspectives and explains the individual treatment steps in detail. “Rebel against Cancer” is a detailed treatment guide.

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