Our “Biological Intensive Cancer Therapy®” is suitable for the treatment of ALL types of tumors.

geeignete-tumorarten-pro-maarThe tumor types mentioned in the infographic constitute the main areas of therapeutic activity. Important: in principle, however, the therapy can treat all types of tumors and not just the ones that were mentioned.

Our therapy is frequently requested and used in the treatment of:

• Bronchial carcinoma
• Oesophageal carcinoma
• Tongue base carcinoma
• Tongue carcinoma
• Brain tumours
• Pancreatic carcinoma
• Ovarian carcinoma
• Cervical carcinoma
• Colon carcinoma
• Small intestine carcinoma
• Liver carcinoma
• Renal carcinoma
• Bladder carcinoma
• Hodgkin’s lymphoma
• Skin carcinoma
• Malignant melanoma CUP carcinoma
• Mammary gland carcinoma
• Tonsil carcinoma
• Ear carcinoma
• Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
• Breast carcinoma
• Breast carcinoma (in men)
• Peritoneal carcinosis
Our combined use of different elements (about 20 different modes of action) is an innovation in complementary biological cancer treatment, a procedure in which the various steps – each of which is effective in its own way – complement each other in an interlocking way and unite to constitute a formidable weapon against the tumor.