Cost of initial consultation

We will discuss your individual cancer situation in detail during the initial consultation, so it is very important that you bring along photocopies of all the relevant medical documents. Should this result in the need for further examinations, they will be conducted by Dr. Maar. For example, a more precise localisation of metastases and their spreading may be required by F-choline PET-CT.

Costs: We charge a one-off fee of €65 for this detailed initial consultation.

Cost of the treatment

Since we develop individual treatment plans for each patient (according to their disease and health situation), treatment scope, complexity and duration can vary considerably between patients. For this reason it is unfortunately impossible to name an exact lump sum that you can expect to pay.

We of course realise that this is an essential decision criterion for many patients – especially if you need to travel far to get to the clinic. We would nevertheless like to avoid specifying an average amount at this point, since this may be either too high or too low for your particular case, which could ultimately result misunderstandings.

We thus urge you to make use of the initial consultation if at all possible. Based on your information, we then prepare a treatment proposal and inform you about the duration of the treatment and the associated costs.

Costs: Depending on the individual findings / Costs are calculated and communicated during the initial consultation

Frequently asked questions:


Are the treatment costs reimbursed?

For privately insured patients or members of Beihilfekassen (medical insurance companies for civil servants, judges, etc), Dr. Maar writes a detailed ‘absorption of costs’ application to the medical insurance companies. Experience shows that the Beihilfekassen and private insurance companies accept the entire cost of treatment including all required medications. Recent case law and information from medical lawyers shows that private medical insurance companies and Beihilfekassen are legally obliged to pay for the cost of complementary therapy. We can help you with legal assistance and/or information on policy judgments regarding the financing of this therapy.

What happens if the treatment is stopped prematurely?

The treatment may of course be interrupted or terminated prematurely at any time. You will only be billed for the costs incurred up to that point.