New approaches in cancer therapy

Dr. Klaus Maar, practising physician and author of “Rebel against Cancer” (Rebell gegen den Krebs), among other books, is breaking new ground in cancer therapy. As a trained practitioner in orthodox medicine and naturopathy and former director of the Urological University Hospital Dusseldorf, the lack of conventional medical success (every 4th German dies of cancer) led him some time ago to establish his own day clinic and apply new treatment approaches.

Unique treatment concept

Conventional cancer therapy tries to destroy tumours but often doesn’t succeed in doing this. In contrast, naturopathy simply tries to boost the immune system and help the body help itself – an approach that does not often succeed against such a serious disease.

Our unique complementary concept allows us to do both things at the same time: destroy the cancer cells while building up the immune system. The approach combines conventional, orthodox medical therapies with the complementary, biological intensive cancer therapy developed by us.

Building blocks of our intensive therapy

Our treatment concept is based on an intensive biological cancer therapy (combination therapy). The goal is on the one hand to strengthen the immune system, while on the other hand weakening or killing off the tumour cells, metastases and above all the micro-metastases.

The therapy generally starts with a longer 1st treatment phase of up to 5 weeks and 4 to 5 hours per day (Monday to Friday, weekends remain free of treatment). After the 1st phase is completed, repeat treatments of shorter duration should take place after a certain period of time, depending on the result of conventional medicine checks and the condition of the patient. These treatments are important to maintain the beneficial effects of the therapy!

The individual measures are based on three lines of treatment:

1) Oral medication (among others)
Thymus preparations
Stinging nettle preparations
Trace elements
Intestinal flora build-up

2) Intravenous therapy
High-dose mistletoe infusions [1]
Liver peptides (intravenously)
High doses of magnesium, selenium and vitamin C
Mistletoe and ozone instillation treatment
(for colorectal and bladder carcinomas)
Hyperbaric ozone therapy
Naturopathic immune-boosting infusions

3) Instrument-based measures
Whole body hyperthermia [2]
Local deep hyperthermia [3]
Ozone therapy
Colon hydrotherapy

Further measures:
Ozone enemas
Drinking ozone water
Rinsing with ozone water
Application of ozonised olive oil
Neural therapy (e.g. spinal column)
Dietary advice (keyword cancer diet)
Discussing any questions such as about the vitamin B17 therapy etc.

Explanatory notes:

[1] High-dose mistletoe infusions:
The hyperthermia procedures referred to are applied in alternation over an extended period of time and are embedded in daily mistletoe infusions. After testing whether the mistletoe is even tolerated (8 of 1000 patients treated thus far showed strong intolerance), the dose is quickly increased. Achieving tumour cells apoptosis (tumour cell death) requires intravenous high-dose therapy.

[2] Whole body hyperthermia:
It is used to boost the immune system, which in turn has a tumour fighting effect

[3] Local deep hyperthermia:
Using this procedure, radio waves inside the body build up an electric field in tumour cells, metastases and micro-metastases, which can selectively destabilise or destroy them. A shaft encoder can be laid on the respective disease foci, depending on the anatomical localisation.